Amazon plans to add text to speech conversion on Kindle Fire & Fire HD

Technology changes time to time, now this time Amazon plans to add text to speech conversion “Voice guide” on Kindle Fire and Fire HD (7 inch Tab) models. The Voice guide is a technology which developed by IVONA, Best known as online converter of text to speech voice.

text to speech conversion

Amazon Kindle fire – text to speech conversion.

What is the benefit by using Voice guide app?

If you want book for example a Particular Novel book from library, the Voice guide app works here and announce the book title by system generated voice and then open. it also provides immediate voice feedback to visually impaired customers.

Company also said that “the thousands of customers of vision impaired, this kindle made difference in their lives with Kindle Fire 8.9 inch Tab and soon company implement in other tabs” Voice Guide helps customers Explore by Touch, text-to-speech and  optional text coloring and adjustable font sizes for our vision impaired customers.

Kindle Fire readers including Vision impaired and learning disabilities customers take a good advantage by using this most advance technology.

Amazon adds text to speech, Adjustable fonts, and modify text colors as your need, Find meaning of difficult words from dictionary to Kindle Fire & Fire HD as features.

Go to Amazon website for detail information.

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